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Installation Guide II: Installation


From version UUX for SUEM 2009 (internal version 2.1.x.x) the installation is based on the configuration package feature of the Digital Workspace Platform 10.0.2 or newer (DWP).

  1. Add the license certificate using the Configuration Wizard of the Digital Workspace Platform (DWP) (?:\Program Files (x86)\Matrix42\Matrix42 Workplace Management\bin\Matrix42.Setup.exe)


  1. Download the current configuration package of the UUX for SUEM from the Matrix42 Marketplace.
  2. Open the Administration App in the Digital Workspace Platform (DWP).
  3. Navigate to Extensions -> Installed Packages.
  4. Select "Install Package" and follow the instructions. The system will be in maintenance mode during installation. See the dedicated help for configuration packages.


All versions prior UUX for SUEM 2009: Please follow the instructions of the installation wizard. 

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