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Android Enterprise III: Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management  

The Mobile Application Management is still the same as it was before. Just create your applications and assign them to a Tag. Afterwards they will appear in Managed Google Play.

Be patient after every enrollment. It could take up to 5 Minutes until policies, and apps will be applied

Create Application

  • Navigate to App Portal
  • Go to the desired platform (Android or SamsungSafe)
  • Create a New Application
  • Select as Type Managed Play
  • Enter a Name: e.g Matrix42 Secure Container
  • Enter a Description
  • Enter the App Identity, e.g. com.matrix42.securecontainer

Navigate to, search for your app and copy the end of the URL of the application (e.g. 

  • Enable Automatically push to managed device (optional) 

Applications with automatically push to managed device will not appear in Managed Play Store.

  • Proceed with Save
  • Accept permissions with Yes

Assign Applications

  • Navigate to your created Tag for Android Enterprise
  • Activate Apps on Definition tab
  • Click Save
  • Navigate to Apps tab
  • Click Assign More Apps
  • Select each app you want to deploy with this Tag 
  • Click Add Selected Apps
  • Navigate to Definition
  • Click Push to Devices
  • Click OK
  • Click Save & Close 
  • Click OK

Managed Google Play

To check the behavior of Managed Play proceed with the following:

  • Open Play Store 
  • Accept the Google Play Terms of Service
  • Tab on the Hamburger Menu on the left side 
  • You will see that you are connect to Play Store as a work user (up left)
  • Go to Store home and check your approved applications
  • Open a desired application and tap install
  • After a couple of seconds the application will be installed 

Add more System Apps

 If you want to add more System Apps to your work-managed device then you can use this list to get the application identity for Google Apps.

Name App Identity
Google Photos
Files Go by Google
Google Maps
Google Music
Google Mail
Google Calendar
Google Keep
Google Contacts
Android Messages
Google PDF Viewer

Add more Matrix42 Applications

Name App Identity
Matrix42 Secure Container com.matrix42.securecontainer
M42Mobile com.matrix42.m42mobile
M42Documents coming soon
EgoSecure Encryption Anywhere com.egosecure.uem.encryption
EgoSecure Passwords com.egosecure.uem.passwordmanager

Next Steps

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