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Application Guide Part V: Add macOS Application

Add macOS Application

  • Navigate to App Portal
  • Select macOS
  • Click New Application

From here Administrators have the ability to choose the application type and configure the corresponding details:

Add Enterprise App

  • Enter a Name
  • Enter a description (optional)
  • Upload your *.pkg file
  • Upload the corresponding manifest *.plist file 
Setting Configuration Description
Name e.g. Empirum Agent The display name of the application being added.
Description e.g. Emprium Agent will create a unique hybrid management scenario for macOS devices.  The description of the application to display. Will be displayed in App Portal in Silverback.
PKG File Choose File Upload your *.ppkg
PLIST Files Choose File Upload your mandatory corresponding manifest PLIST file.
  • Click Save

Manifest *.plist

Please contact your application developer to provide you the needed manifest file. Any manifest file for macOS enterprise applications contains the following information. 

  • md5-size (needs to be splitted in several blocks if the application exceeds 10MB)
  • size in bytes
  • download url (will be added automatically by Silverback)
  • bundle identifier
  • bundle-version
  • kind
  • subtitle
  • title

Please download your example *.plist for reference here:  Download

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