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Tags Guide Part VI: AppleTV


Profiles for each device type are managed independently allowing separate configuration and management of profiles for each device type. When a device is provisioned, it will be provisioned with the profile configuration at the time the device was enrolled. When a profile change is made, new devices will receive the new configuration as well as devices that are currently managed and/or blocked. When any Profiles are changed, ensure the settings are correct as these will be applied immediately to all applicable devices. Please ensure you click on the Save or Save & Close button on the bottom right of the screen to commit your changes before selecting another page.


Setting Apple TV Description
Allow Remote Pairing Enabled or Disabled If set to false, the AppleTV cannot be paired for use with the Remote App or Control Center widget
Allow Changing Device Name Enabled or Disabled If set to false, prevents device name from being changed
Allow iBookstore Erotica Enabled or Disabled If set to false, the user will not be able to download media from Apple Books that has been tagged as erotica
Allow Explicit Music or Video Enabled or Disabled When false, explicit music or video content purchased from the iTunes Store is hidden. Explicit content is market as such by content providers, such as record labels, when sold through the iTunes Store
Force Set Date and Time Automatically Enabled or Disabled If set to true, the Date & Time "Set Automatically" features is turned on and can't be turned off by the users. Note: The device's time zone will only be updated when the device can determine its location
Allow Password Proximity Requests Enabled or Disabled If set to false, a user's device will not request passwords from nearby devices


Silverback has the ability to pre-populate multiple Wi-Fi settings on your devices, so the user does not need to know the password for these networks themselves.

  • Click New WiFi profile
Setting Apple TV Description
Wi-Fi Settings Enabled or Disabled Enables the sending of Wi-Fi settings
SSID e.g. Corporate Wi-Fi Service Set Identifier of the wireless network
Security Type
  • WPA2
Defines the used Wireless network encryption
Hidden Network Enabled or Disabled Enable if the target network is not open or hidden
Automatically Join Enabled or Disabled The device will automatically join the Wi-Fi network
Password e.g. Pa$$w0rd Password for authenticating to the wireless network
  • Proxy Type (None, Auto, Manual)
  • Server
  • Port
  • Individual Usernames or pre-defined Username
  • Individual Passwords or pre-defined Password
Ensures the device talks to the necessary Proxy

Global HTTP Proxy

Enabling the Global HTTP Proxy will force all Network Traffic through a designated proxy server.

Setting Apple TV Description
Global HTTP Proxy Enabled or Disabled Enables the Global HTTP proxy
Proxy Type
  • Manual
  • Automatic
Allows the administrator to select a proxy type
Server e.g. http:// or The FQDN or IP address of the proxy server
Port e.g. 80 or 443 The port of the proxy server
Individual Usernames Enabled or Disabled Controls the user ability to enter their own credentials
Username e.g. Proxyuser Allows the administrator to define the group username
Password e.g. Pa$$w0rd Allows the administrator to define the group password
PAC URL e.g. http:// or Allows the administrator to specify the location of the PAC script

Custom Profiles

Custom Profiles can be created with the Apple Configurator 2 on a MacOS device and imported into Silverback.

Use Custom Profiles if you miss a setting or a configuration that Silverback does not covers, but has an availability in Apple Configurator 2. 

  • Click New Custom Profile
Setting Apple TV Description
Name   e.g. AppleTVRemote Display Name for the Custom Profile
Description e.g. AppleTVRemote Description for the Custom Profile
Mobileconfig File Choose File Uploads the *.mobileconfig file

Home Screen Layout

Please refer to: iOS Guide VII: Add your Home Screen Layout

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