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Limitations of the Empirum Inventory data provider


The Empirum Inventory data provider can be used for importing computer devices and software installations. It can be used in combination with the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to get very fast updates on hardware and new or removed devices as well as nightly updates of the software installations for software asset management.

The Empirum Inventory data provider will replace the legacy Empirum Connector computer import. See the current limitations to evaluate if the current implementation is sufficient for your needs.

The Empirum Inventory add-on does not import software packages as services, nor does it include service provisioning features.

Limitations of the current implementation

The latest released version is always available on Matrix42 Extension Gallery.

  1. The import performance compared to the legacy Empirum connector is slower. Especially computers with many software packages (like Linux systems) take longer to import.
  2. The feature "Permit creating new computer objects if they are already inventoried" of the legacy Empirum Connector is not supported.
  3. The feature "Update inventory numbers" of the legacy Empirum Connector is not supported. Inventory numbers are always updated.
  4. Miscellaneous devices are not imported when the option "Consider computers without inventory during import" is disabled.
  5. Matching rules are different from those of the legacy Empirum Connector. In rare circumstances this might lead to duplicate entries. Please see the configuration guide for adjusting the matching rules.
  6. The Test Connection action is not available yet. Please use the Monitor Import action to see if the connection can be established. The Data Collector section displays this information.
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