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Create Service Action

Manually create service from Empirum Package

The action "Create Service" is available on Empirum software packages in the UEM and Service Catalog apps.


The action creates a service which can be used for further refinement. It retrieves the base information and the provisioning information required to use the service as a software service in the service catalog.

Compared to alternative option to automatically create raw services from all Empirum packages this approach is more selective. Only the desired packages will be available as services in the portfolio.


  • Only users with the role "Service Catalog Management" or "Administrators" see the action.
  • The action is hidden if a service is already linked to the package. This can be seen in the preview of the software package.
  • The Empirum packages needs to be already synchronized from the Empirum server to the UEM App. This requires a working Enterprise Service Bus connection of Empirum and the DWP.

Starting the action

The action "Create Service" is available on Empirum software packages in the UEM and Service Catalog apps.

If a service is already linked to the software package the action is hidden.


Select "Create Service".

Create Service Dialog

The dialog allows to change basic settings of the new service and save it. Usually this service needs to be refined by the service owner and enhanced with more details like costs, graphics and more service options.


Once all settings are configured select "Done" to save the new service.

The service is automatically linked to the Empirum software package.

Further refinement of the service is required to provide the service in the Self Service Portal to users. See the Service Catalog documentation for more information.


To easily identify which services are already linked to software packages it is convenient to enable the column.


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