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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Network URL

Network URL page shows all the Network URL collected on your configured Edge devices with details such as IPs of websites, number of  Clients connected to each website and their Port. You can create Business services based on URL filter. This is one of the ways to start mapping services.

Note: Network URL’s are only available when Promiscuous Mode has been enabled.

To create Business Services

To create Business Services

  1. Click on Configuration >  Explore Network URL. Network URL page will be displayed.
  2. Click on the Add sign next to the URL to add URLs to the Select URLs and port from below box.
    Note: You can select multiple  URL’s.
  3. You can Edit the URLs by clicking on the Edit as Tags button.
  4. Next, select one option from the drop down list Create New Service Group or Update Existing Service Group .

Create New Service Group

  1. Enter a Name for Service Group.
  2. Next click on the Create button. New Service Group is created.

Update Existing Service Group

  1. Select an existing Service Group from the drop down list and click on the Update button.
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