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Rest API – Applying a Blueprint to Configuration Items

How to apply a Blueprint to Configuration Items (CIs) in FireScope SPM.


The REST API allows you to apply a Blueprint to Configuration Items (CIs) in FireScope SPM.To apply a Blueprint to one or more CIs, POST a JSON document with the appropriate information to the following URL:

http://[IP address]:38050/web_services/bp_sync_job

Note: Don’t forget to change the IP address

Note: Un-linking Blueprint will have a cascading delete effect. All elements that are based on this linkage will be affected (for e.g.  Attributes, Event Definition, Policies, AEDs, Dashboards etc. Re-linking the Blueprint will not retrieve the data.)

Use the following example as a guide.

  "account_id" : "firescope",
  "blueprint_id" : "Availability_t",
  "sync_type" : 0,
  "instance_id" : [
    {"edge_device" : "Edge 1", "ci" : "REST Configuration Item 1"},
    {"edge_device" : "Edge 1", "ci" : "REST Configuration Item 2"}

Property Descriptions

Property Description Type Default Value Required
account_id The name of the target SPM Account. String   Yes
blueprint_id The name of the Blueprint. String   Yes
sync_type 0 – Links the Blueprint to CIs, creating or updating attributes, etc. as necessary.1 – Unlinks the Blueprint from the CIs. Number 0 Yes
instance_id Array of CI elements to link to the Blueprint. Leave empty to re-sync all currently linked CIs. Object[] [] No


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