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A guide to the customer prerequisites that need to be  in place prior to beginning a SPM implementation.


The following items must be addressed before FireScope SPM can be initialized.

  1. NTP must be configured in the Firescope Console of each VM. 
    Record the IP address or DNS name for an authoritative NTP time source here: _______________
  2. The following VMware OVAs from Firescope are delivered prior to onsite visit:
    1. SAPP
    2. SEDGE
    3. SMONGO
    4. SWEB
  3. Access to vCenter with correct permissions to deploy, edit, and start/stop VMs.
  4. Access to the OVAs location (e.g., shared drive, datastore).
  5. IPs pre-allocated for each VM.
  6. Complete the SPM Core Setup Table.
  7. Access to a primary and secondary DNS server with the ability to do forward and reverse DNS lookup of IP addresses.
  8. DNS A records and reverse lookup entries for all SPM servers.
  9. Load balancer configuration pre-allocated and configured.
  10. See the Load Balancer Configuration Example.
  11. Pre-allocated storage space for each Mongo database.
  12. Separate VMDK in the datastore (minimum size recommendation 200GB)
  13. Network Attached Storage
    • Firescope will assist with this.
    • Other
    • Firescope will assist with this.

 Firewall settings. For more information, see the Deployment Guide.

SPM Core Setup Table

Hostname Function IP Datastore Name ESX Host Target (Initial) vCPU Memory
sapp1 App Server        
sapp2 App Server        
smongo1 Mongo Server        
smongo2 Mongo Server        
smongo3 Mongo Server        
smongo4 Mongo Server        
sweb1 UI Server        
sweb2 UI Server        
sweb3 UI Server        
sedge1 Edge Server        

Load Balancer Configuration Example

You may use load balancers for the EXC and EAC VMs. The following table is a load balancer configuration example.

DNS Name Purpose IP Ports Health Check Load Balance Metric Pool Members
uibalance FireScope UI ALL /blank.php (80) Fewest Connections sweb1, sweb2, sweb3
appbalance FireScope App ALL :18050/edge_services/attribute_results Fewest Connections sapp1, sapp2

 Note: Load Balancer Health Check URLs

  • http://<app-server-ip>:28050/ui_services/ci
  • http://<app-server-ip>:38050/web_services/ci
  • http://<app-server-ip>/ui_services/ci
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