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How to implement Datacenter Compliance


Matrix42 Workspace Management provides comprehensive server inventory options by integrating a specific external scanner. This system inventories servers and forwards the results to Matrix42 Workspace Management.

Based on the imported data, Matrix42 Workspace Management adds hardware and software data to the respective servers and creates the system documentation for the systems.

The external scanner is integrated, based on the "Datacenter Inventory" data provider.


Several system components are used for specific tasks for Oracle database inventory purposes. These system components are designed in a way that allows them to automatically communicate with each other:

  1. The servers are inventoried via an agent installed on the respective machine. While data can also be collected via scripts and without agent, experience has shown that using local agents is the more practical and proven approach. Therefore we recommend this solution approach.
  2. The agents communicate with a virtual scan appliance that runs under VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V. This automated component triggers the agents and consolidates, aggregates and analyzes the collected information. License compliance of these data is also verified.
  3. Workspace Management (Service Store) is used to centrally manage the automated inventory, save the data analyzed by the scan appliance and create the system documentation.
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