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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

System requirements for Oracle database and Datacenter compliance

Software Asset Management

Product version

Your Software Asset Management system must be version 8.0 or higher. We recommend that you use the latest product version.

License certificates

You need the following license certificates that must be imported into your Workspace Management system:

  • m42LicenseManager
  • m42ServiceManagementPlatform
  • m42OracleDatabaseCompliance

Computer inventory

All target systems (servers) to be collected must be created within Asset Management as Computer. Their respective asset status has no relevance for the Oracle data provider.

Target systems

Supported target platforms

The scan agents provide support for the following operating systems:

Operating System   Architecture Version (min.)
Open Su S       E Linux 32-bit 9.0
Ubuntu 32-bit 10.0
Red Hat Enterprise Server 32-bit 4.0.
Su SE Enterprise Server 32-bit 9.0
Oracle Linux 32-bit 9.0
Open Su SE Linux 64-bit 12.0
Ubuntu 64-bit 12.0
Red Hat Enterprise Server 64-bit 6.0
SuSE Enterprise Server 64-bit 11.0
Oracle Linux 64-bit 6.0
Solaris Sparc   2.6, Patchcluser 181105-21
Solarix x86   10.0
IBM AIX   5.1
HP-UX   B.11.00 A
Microsoft Windows Desktop O/S 32- / 64-bit Windows Vista
Microsoft Server O/S 32- / 64-bit Windows Server 2003

The C-Library glib (file name is required on all UNIX operating systems: ",
para2: "32-bit UNIX: libc or glibc Version 2.3 and higher, 64-bit UNIX: libc or glibc Version 2.4 and higher

Virtualized target systems

In case the target systems are virtualized via VMware, the server that runs vCenter (Management) must also be scanned. The VMware vSphere CLI (attention: not PowerCLI) must be installed on the vCenter server for that purpose. This installation also includes the perl modules used by the agent.

The vCenter Server supplies information such as the hardware information of all managed ESX(i) servers.

The user stored in the agent must be assigned the read only permission in vCenter.

No separate permissions on the Windows Server are required for scanning a Microsoft hypervisor or other virtualization solutions (VirtualBox, Citrix XEN).

Agent communications

Bidirectional communications between the agents (on the target systems to be scanned) and the virtual scan appliance is established via ports 9616 and 9617.

While ideally, the firewall should be disabled on all involved systems, it is sufficient to activate the respective ports in both directions.

If necessary, agents can be configured as routers, supporting indirect communication. Read this article for details.