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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Configure data providers for Oracle and Datacenter inventory


The Oracle Database Inventory or Datacenter Inventory data provider communicates with the virtual scan appliance. It must be configured accordingly to ensure the correct data transfer from the scan appliance.

Setting up the configuration

To add a new data provider configuration:

  1. Open the Integration > Data Providers navigation item in the Administration application.
  2. Double-click the Oracle Database Inventory or Datacenter Inventory data provider to open it. The properties dialog contains the Configurations list where configurations for this provider can be managed.

Add a new configuration and fill in the General, Included Computers, and Excluded Computers tabs.


  1. Specify the Data Gateway instance that will execute the configuration and select the Enable import checkbox to activate this configuration.
  2. In the Server Name field, enter the host name of the nova ratio appliance (default: vm-matrix42).
  3. As Database Name use "export_matrix42" (please do not use another name!).
  4. The default Port used for connecting to the scan appliance database is 3307.
  5. Specify Login and Password of the nova ratio EDI-User (by default both values are "erunbook").


Included Computers/Excluded Computers

Conditions of these dialog pages determine which computers are scanned and which are skipped. Based on these settings, the system compiles the list of computers to be scanned. The asset status of each computer is taken into account (see Assets > Settings to manage relevant status values). The data gateway then passes the list of relevant computers to the nova ratio appliance for data collection.

The following two options are available:

  • Assign selected servers manually. In this case use the Add and Delete buttons to specify the list of relevant target computers in the Include following computers/Exclude following computers grid.

  • Use an ASQL expression to determine the target systems automatically from the respective inventory. Examples:
    • T(SPSComputerClassBase).Name like ‘SRV%’ will filter all servers whose name starts with "SRV"
    • T(SPSComputerClassAD).Domain.DomainName = ‘corp’ will get all servers of the "corp" domain

When generating a list of machines to be scanned, the configuration considers both the ASQL expression and explicitly specified computers.

Save you settings.

Activating the import

Run the Enable action for the data provider and then click Activate to start the import immediately.