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Silversync Guide VI: Access on iOS & iPadOS

Before you Start

On iOS and iPadOS, you can choose between the M42Mobile application for content management and the Matrix42 Documents application. The Matrix42 Mobile application provides an integration for Silversync and the Enterprise Service Management with an additional configuration at the same time, while the Matrix42 Documents provides exclusively access to Mobile Content Management with encryption options offered by EgoSecure Data Protection.

The Matrix42 Documents application will retrieve the connection to Silversync automatically, when Content is added into a Tag and the application is assigned and installed on a device. For the Matrix42 Mobile application, the connection to Silversync is applied through the XML configuration. In case you want to utilize the Matrix42 Documents, please refer to Matrix42 Documents for additional configuration and integration options.

In this guide we will use the M42Mobile application, but you can perform the following sections of this guide and use Matrix42 Documents instead of the Matrix42 Mobile application to be successful: 


The M42Mobile application brings everything together and one part is the Mobile Content Management functionality which we will now configure. All you need to do is to import the application first into Silverback and then configure some basic connection configurations to the App. You have also additionally the choice to customize the application, but for Silversync it is only mandatory to define the connection string to the M42Mobile App, so that the application on end user devices knows to which Silverback they belong. 

Additionally you can configure:

  • Branding (recommended)
  • Passcode
  • Privacy Setting
  • Notifications
  • Restrictions
  • Start Tab (recommended)
  • Service Store Account

Mobile Content with M42Mobile

To use the Mobile Content Management functionality in Silverback you need full fill the following tasks:

  • M42Mobile needs to be imported to the App Portal
  • Configuration for the app is done via App Portal iOS 7+ App Config (XML File)
  • The application needs to be added to a Tag which needs to be assigned to devices
  • The application will then be distributed in a configured way with Silverback to user devices.

Import Application into Silverback

When you plan to distribute M42Mobile via Volume Purchase Program, the application will be listed automatically after a successful Volume Purchase Program integration.  

  • Navigate to App Portal
  • Choose iPhone or iPad
  • Click New Application
  • Ensure that App Store is select as Type
  • Type in the Name field M42Mobile
  • Select M42Mobile (com.matrix42.M42MobileHD)
  • Enable Automatically push to managed devices 
  • Enable Take management if the app is already installed
  • Click the Orange Edit Button next to iOS 7+ App Config

Click Ok and Skip Add Silverback Server Connection for the Matrix42 Documents application and keep the App Config XML values empty for now. Proceed with Add Application to a Tag.

Add Silverback Server Connection

Now we need to ensure that the M42Mobile finds by default your Silverback Server and the device identifier. As this will be the default configuration for the M42Mobile, this configuration will be applied by default whenever you are adding the M42Mobile to any tag. Inside the Tag, you can use the Edit button to overrule or extend the default configuration from the App Portal. Please be aware that at the point you added the M42Mobile to a Tag, this configuration will unlink the inheritance from the App Portal settings.  So when you have added the application to a Tag and change afterwards the settings in the App Portal, your changes will not be applied for the already added M42Mobile in your Tag. If you want to take over the settings again from the App Portal, you need to remove the application from the tag and add the application again. As the following configuration should be applied on your desired devices, you can add this settings into the App Portal and extend later in the application configuration inside a Tag the following additional settings

  • Enable Push on install
  • Copy the following XML configuration in your Clipboard
  • Change the string to your Silverback URL and keep /epic at the end, e.g

Add Application to a Tag

  • Navigate to Tags
  • Edit the in previous chapter created Tag or create a new one
  • Navigate to Apps
  • Click Assign More Apps
  • Select M42Mobile
  • Click Add Selected Apps

By selecting now the Edit button inside the Tag, you can overrule or extend the settings inherited from the App Portal and add additional settings for Matrix42 Mobile and additional settings for Matrix42 Documents. We recommend first to ensure the general functionality, before adding additional options. 

Assign Tag

  • Configure Tag Deployment options under Definition or
  • Assign the Tag manually with Associated Devices button
  • Click Save
  • Click Push to devices

Download and start Application

  • After a successful Tag configuration the application should be distributed to a end user device after enrollment
  • After successful download and installation open M42Mobile on the iOS device
  • Allow Notifications
  • Tab the Hamburg Menu on the upper left side
  • Tab Documents
  • Tab Silversync
  • Wait until refresh process is finished

The Documents section can be defined as default starting page. Please refer to Extend your XML

Next Steps

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