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Secure Unified Endpoint Management 23.0

About this Release

Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management 23.0 provides new and improved features that have been implemented. During the development of this version, we have been focusing on valued feedback from our customers and partners to provide an ideal feature selection.

System Requirements

Please refer to: Installation Guide II: System Requirements


All new features, improvements and changes are also available in Secure Unified Endpoint Management.

Initial release date 12.5.2023

Update release date 18.5.2023

Update release date 16.6.2023

New Improvements and Changes 

New Features For Unified Endpoint Management

Vulnerability Landing Page for Patch Management

The new landing page for patch data is available when selecting "Endpoint Protection -> Patch Management" in UEM/SUEM. The dashboards provides an overview on the current status of all computers which are running Patch Management. Only active Windows computers with patch data reported within 7 days are relevant. All others are displayed as “older” or “unknown”.

Patch Scan and Fix runs

Shows the installation result of the patch management scan and fix package within the past 12 weeks. Only the latest result per device is counted.

Patch scan and fix runs.png

Patch state based on missing patches

Shows which computers reported missing security and non-security patches based on the Patch Management settings.

Patch security state.png

Patch Definition Date

Shows the age of the patch definition (catalog) used on the reported patch runs.

Patch definition date.png

New Software Installation Cleanup Engine

A new background engine cleans-up the listed software applications reported by the Empirum Connector or Empirum Inventory Data Provider. Software which is not reported by Inventory anymore will be removed from the computers list of installed applications.

The engine runs once every night and checks if the customer has Matrix42 License Management running. If so, the engine will skip all further activities as the License Management will take care of handling applications which are not reported anymore. This is detected by checking if the LCMLicenseDemandClassBase is empty which is used by the “Lic - Data Batch Processing”.

New Workflow Activities to automate Assignments (Preview)

Workflow activities provide the ability to automate software deployment processes by using workflows. The workflows can be initiated by compliance rules, actions or part of change management processes. The online help describes the activities and also provide sample use cases. The category in the activity browser is "SUEM Automation" with sub categories "Assignment", "Device" and "UEM Object".

The current release is a preview release to get feedback and allow customers and partners to get familiar with the new functionality. We plan to release an update version soon which sets the status to production ready. Until than this is for testing purposes only as we might change the activities and is contained parameters.

The initially available activities are:

  • Create Assignments
  • Update Assignments
  • Delete Assignments
  • Get Assignment IDs by Expression
  • Get Assignment ID by Name
  • Get Rollout Status of Assignment
  • Get Device IDs by Expression
  • Get UEM Objects IDs by Expression
  • Add/Remove Objects to/from Assignment
  • Add/Remove Device to/from Assignment
  • Add/Remove Objects to/from Assignments
  • Add/Remove Devices to/from Assignments
  • Get Installation Status of UEM Object for Device
  • Get Installation Status of Device
  • Get Installation Status of UEM Object

Improvements and Changes

  • The password for the Empirum API and the Empirum Web Console in UEM settings is now also encrypted in the database. For existing configurations this will be applied after entering the pasword again and saving the configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • PRB37223: SUEM - Devices are not activated in the Empirum assignment group
  • PRB35678: Duplicate ObjectID for categories after installation of some Extensions packages
  • Action add mobile device does not work in German
  • Error when creating assignment from many selected devices
  • Prevent creating duplicates when receiving different object types with same platform object ID (Enterprise Service Bus Extension
  • PRB37437: ESB not working properly (cannot assign software through UEM anymore) Issue when parsing objects with dot. (Enterprise Service Bus Extension
  • Enhanced message processing performance in Enterprise Service Bus Extension 2.10.2

changes Version

  • Added new workflow activity "Get status of UEM Object"
  • Fixed issue with "Get Rollout Status of Assignment"
  • Added Action "Replace in Assignments" on devices and UEM Objects in SUEM App
  • Added additional examples to the knowledge base article.

changes Version

  • Fixed issue when multiple activation activities with long runtimes prevent complete activations.
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