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Secure Unified Endpoint Management 23.0.1

About this Release

Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management 23.0 Update 1 provides new and improved features that have been implemented. During the development of this version, we have been focusing on valued feedback from our customers and partners to provide an ideal feature selection.

System Requirements

See system requirements document.

Because of changes in the DWP regarding the restricted  access to data queries (security enhancement) it is not possible to install the UEM 23.0.1 Extension on a DWP older than 12.0.1.


General Enhancements

  • Enhanced message processing performance in Enterprise Service Bus Extension 2.10.2.
  • Massive performance enhancement of processing Installation Status and Agent Information messages in UEM 23.0.1
  • Added additional examples to the knowledge base article regarding UEM Assignment Workflow Activities.

Updates after initial release

  • UEM
    • Fixed issue when UEMAgentType messages only contain version details.
  • UEM
    • PRB37545: Time values are not displayed correctly.
    • Improved  performance on creation and editing of assignments.

New Features

Please find all new Unified Endpoint Management features for 23.0 Update 1 below.

New Action "Replace in Assignments" for devices and UEM Objects

The action "Replace in Assignments" allows to replace a computer or an UEM Object the the assignments where is is assigned to. The user can select which of the assignments are considered and also can add multiple computers or UEM Objects to them. This feature is very useful when a computer should be replaced and keep all existing assignments or a software is replaced with a newer version.

Action on an UEM Object:

Replace UEM Object.png

Action on a device:

Replace Computer.png

Summary when replacing a device in three assignments:

Replace device in assignments.png

Allow approval of Empirum software packages from UEM/SUEM

A new action allows the user to set the status of Empirum software packages to "Operational" or "Blocked". It will set the package "Ready to install" state in Empirum accordantly. This is useful when testing software on selected computers and also when importing the UEM Agent which is by default set to "Blocked" for preventing unwanted mass updates.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with "Get Rollout Status of Assignment".
  • Fixed issue when multiple activation activities with long runtimes prevent complete activations.
  • Updated schedule od Engine Activation UEMRolloutProgressCalculationEngineActivation. Runs once per day nightly to recalculate all rollout progresses. Changes in assignments are calculated when changing an assignment immediately.
  • Prevent creating duplicates when receiving different object types with same platform object ID (Enterprise Service Bus Extension
  • PRB37437: ESB not working properly (cannot assign software through UEM anymore) Issue when parsing objects with dot. (Enterprise Service Bus Extension
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