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Service Bus V: Install EgoSecure Adapter

Service Bus is responsible for the two-way communication between the EgoSecure Server (used for the desktop version of Console - the EgoSecure Data Protection Console) and the UUX platform (used for the browser version of the Console – the EgoSecure Data Protection UUX Console. First, configure Service Bus Adapter on the EgoSecure Server side and then install and configure Matrix42 Enterprise Service Bus on the EgoSecure Data Protection UUX Console side (see Next steps).

If you intend to install EgoSecure Changes Listener for older EgoSecure Server versions, please refer to Install EgoSecure Changes Listener for 21.0.0 and older

Installing Service BUS Adapter (from 21.0.2 Version)

Describes the installation of Service Bus Adapter as a part of the EgoSecure Server installation. Available from version 21.0.2.

For details about Service Bus Adapter installation for 21.0.1 versions, see Install EgoSecure Changes Listener or Service Bus Adapter (Legacy).

Remove EgoSecure Changes Listener before installing EgoSecure Service Bus Adapter.

  • Start the EgoSecure Server installation file EgoSecureSetup_x64.exe.
  • If the EgoSecure Server is already installed, click Modify and then click Next.
  • If the EgoSecure Server is not installed, accept the license agreement and select the installation directory.
  • On the Select additional components step, enable EgoSecure Service Bus Adapter and click Next
  • Follow the rest of the steps of the Installation Wizard to finish. 

For details about other steps of the EgoSecure Server installation, see the EgoSecure Installation Guide.

For details about updating from 21.0.1 to 21.0.2, see Updating EgoSecure Server 21.0.1 to 21.0.2 with installed Service Bus Adapter.

If the EgoSecure Service Bus Adapter is installed on the same server as the RabbitMQ service the Matrix42.EPS_UUX.ServiceBusAdapter service needs to be set to delayed start.

Enabling Service Bus in AdminTool

  • Launch the AdminTool.exe application.
    It is located on the computer with the installed EgoSecure Server under Start > EgoSecure product group.
  • Set the Enable Service Bus check box.
  • Near Service Bus system, select which system you use.
  • Fill in the Connection string, Topic name and Pipeline name fields with the same data provided during the Changes Listener installation.
  • Click Save.
    => If you have already setup other components, the synchronization starts. If not, use the Resynchronize button when all components are set up.

SB - adminTool.png

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