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Configuring user profile information.


The Person configuration item stores identification data such as first name, last name, and contact information. You can enter such information as a unique staff number and the email address of each person.
For every employee of your company, a Person configuration item plus at least one User Account should be registered. These configuration items are linked in such a way that each user account belongs precisely to one person, but each person can hold more than one account. The user account gives Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management the information about which person logs on.

Person data can be initially configured by an Administrator in the Master Data application.



  • Organizational Unit, Cost Center, and Location: If you create a new Person record, you can use the corresponding button to link it to a related organizational unit, cost center, and location. For existing persons, you can add a link only by clicking Change Ownership in the action pane.
  • Contact Photo: Upload an image of the employee.
  • Personal Data: This group of fields contains identification information of the employee.
    • Form of Address;
    • Gender;
    • First Name;
    • Last Name;
    • Middle Name;
    • Name Abbreviation;
    • Title;
    • Addendum;
    • Salutation;
    • Status: employee's profile status in the company, for example, active, in preparation, deleted, etc.;
    • Manager of: assigns a person as a manager of the specified user role(s). User role should be assigned additionally via Administration application → Security → User Role. "Manager of" attribute is necessary to activate the Field Service Management tool-set in the Service Desk application. Field Service Management package is not provided as a part of the default Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management system;
    • Service Time Profile: defines an employee's working hours (available in the Field Service Management package only);
    • Professional Skills: an employee's expertise and skill-set taken into account when managing the employee's schedule and assigning work items according to the person's field of competence. This attribute is necessary for the Field Service Management package.
  • Status: status of the employee within the company, for instance, active, ready for activation, deleted, etc;
  • Business Contact: public contact information of the employee, such as a business address, phone number, email, etc;
  • Private Contact: private contact information of the employee, such as personal phone number, email, address, etc. This information is for internal use only.
  • Delegate: representative of the employee;
  • Start Date/End Date: validity period for the delegate.

Personnel Data

  • Affiliation: relationship between the employee and the company;
  • Entry Date/Separation Date: period during which this employee is a part of your company. You can leave these fields blank;
  • Personal Number (Only For "Internal"): unique employee number to identify the employee for such activities as importing data;
  • Company (Only For "External"): business partners to which the employee belongs;
  • Position: job title of the employee in your company;
  • Remarks/References: additional information about the employee.


  • Primary Account: as an employee can be assigned to several user accounts, this field defines the primary user account. This entry can be used by the Active Directory Data Provider to update the employee data for this user account by using the data that is available in Active Directory/LDAP.
  • Accounts: additional user accounts of the employee.


Comments and notes of a general nature. You can edit these entries later.


For this person, copies of digital documents can be saved and later reopened.

Organizational Unit

  • Responsible Organization Areas: organizational units for which this employee is responsible for;
  • Delegate of Responsible Organization Areas: organizational units for which this employee is listed as a delegate.


Other locations to which this employee is related:

  • Responsible Locations: locations for which this employee is responsible;
  • Delegate of Responsible Locations: locations for which this employee can be responsible as a delegate.


Assets that are assigned to this employee.

Cost Centers

  • Administrated Cost Centers: cost centers for which this employee is responsible;
  • Delegated Cost Centers: cost centers for which this employee is partly responsible.


Contracts for which this employee is responsible.


User roles to which this employee belongs.


Bookings from the relevant provisioning workflows.


The following actions are available for the Person:

  • Assign Service: assign a service from Matrix42 Service Catalog;
  • Unassign Service: withdraw the previously assigned service from Matrix42 Service Catalog;
  • Repair Service: repair or reinstall a service from Matrix42 Service Catalog;
  • Change Ownership: change the organizational, commercial, and regional assignment of this person by using a wizard;
  • Set Mail Language: choose the language that will be used by default for sending e-mail notifications;
  • Generic actions: Edit, Add, Delete, Export. 
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