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Use Cases in Master Data


  • AD Group
    Managing Active Directory group.
  • Business contacts information
  • Business Partner information
    Managing and importing business partners information: companies that may be suppliers or manufacturers in License Management, Contract Management, or Asset Management.
  • Managing Accounts
    Managing user's login credentials, account status, and general information. Account data from the Active Directory domain and Active Directory groups.
  • Managing Cost Centers
    Managing Cost Centers: an operating units that are used to control business processes and related expenses.
  • Managing Currencies
    Defining system currency, activating and deactivating currencies, importing exchange rates, and changing the currency for individual configuration items
  • Managing Locations
    Locations represent your company's branches across regions, countries, cities, etc.
  • Managing Organizational Units
    In a hierarchical structure of a company, organizational units represent divisions, departments, teams etc.
  • Person
    Configuring user profile information.
  • Skills management
    Skills management overview. Professional skills in user profiles, usage in tasks and other activities. Skills in Field Service Management
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