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Setup login via Microsoft MyApps

This section describes the configuration of Microsoft MyApps with Microsoft Entra ID.

Setup Microsoft MyApps

  1. Log in on to Azure portal. (
  2. Go to Azure services >Microsoft Entra ID.
  3. Select Manage > Enterprise applications.
  4. Search for your application, e.g. Remote Assistance Connect and click on it.
  5. Select on the left side Properties.
  6. Add a logo for the application.
  7. Select Manage > Single sign-on.
  8. Select Linked for a single sign-on method.
  9. Enter the following URL:<Your Domain Name>.
    Replace <Your Domain Name> with your current domain.

  10. Click on Save.

Test Microsoft MyApps

  1. Open the following link in the browser:
  2. You should see the app Remote Assistance Connect.

  3. After clicking on the icon, you can access the application directly without having to enter a user and password.
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