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Q: Why is the "Remote Assistance" action missing on my computer.
A: The following conditions must be met for the action to be visible:

  • The computer must be "Online".
  • The computer must have the value "Remote Assistance" as "Remote Control Type" in the asset properties.

Q: Is it possible to implement a 2 factor authentication (2FA) for Remote Assistance?
A: 2FA can be implemented directly via the integrated functionality of the Digital Workspace Platform.

Q: How can I record a remote assistance session?
A: At the moment this feature is not yet available, but it is planned for a future version.

Q: How to update a single client computer the Remote Assistance Agent?
A: At the moment only one update of all clients is possible. A single update is planned for a future version.

Q: Is the Ad-hoc functionality also available for an on-premise installation of Remote Assistance?
A: The Ad-hoc functionality is NOT available with an on-premise installation of Remote Assistance (cloud only).

Q: The activity entry for "Remote Assistance Ad-hoc" is missing under Home > Assets > Activities.

A: Please reinstall the extension "Matrix42 Remote Assistance". The entry can then be found under"Activities" again.


Q: No connection buttons for Connect, Powershell, Cmd and File Transfer are displayed after calling the "Remote Assistance" action for an asset (computer).
A: Please check in the installed IIS (Internet Information Server) on the server whether the corresponding MIME type (.wasm) is available. If this is not the case, add this entry manually.





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