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Known Issues and Workarounds


Sometimes things don't quite work like you'd expect, and while we may not have a fix just yet, we do have a way to get things back on track. 

FireScope Windows Agent

Known Issue Workaround

[PRB36324] Empty result returned from agent poller invocation.


  • Agent intermittently sends data throughout the day.
  • Agent does not send data after an upgrade/installation

Root Cause:

  • The Agent process is not terminated before starting again.


  • Kill the process and restart the FireScope Agent.

[PRB36866] Agent reports wrong Windows Operation System Version


  • Use of the host_information Agent Remote Attribute operation on a Windows 2019 Datacenter returns "Windows Server 2012"

Root Cause:

  • Hardcoded value checks for operating system versions


Use a WMI Attribute to get the most accurate results for Operating System and Version. Example operations:

For Operating System:

host_run(powershell -command "&get-ciminstance -classname win32_operatingsystem | select-object -expandproperty caption")

For Operating System Version:

host_run(powershell -command "&get-ciminstance -classname win32_operatingsystem | select-object -expandproperty version")
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