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Uninstalling the Azure Hybrid Benefit extension


You can remove the Azure Hybrid Benefit add-on by using the standard Uninstall Package action.

In the Administration application, go to Extensions > Installed Packages, click Azure Hybrid Benefit Data Provider in the grid and run the Uninstall Package action. A wizard will open where you can uninstall the package.

What data is removed and what is left

Uninstallation of the extension deletes the following objects:

  • The Azure Hybrid Benefit - Virtual Machines and  Azure Hybrid Benefit - Database Services data providers and all their configurations,
  • The license conversion objects,
  • The Azure hybrid benefit data collector, Azure hybrid benefit post-data processing, Azure hybrid benefit Database Services data collector, and Azure hybrid benefit Database Services post-data processing workflows,
  • The Azure hybrid benefit data recalculation engine.

Uninstallation hides the Azure Hybrid Benefit objects. However, if the extension is installed again, the object will become visible in the Azure Hybrid Benefits grid.

The following records are still present in the system after the uninstallation:

  • The Azure Hybrid Benefit service,
  • The tenant and service connection,
  • SKUs,
  • Computers,
  • Cloud services.
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