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Understanding the grace period of SQL Server licenses assigned to Azure Hybrid Benefit


Licenses that are assigned to the Azure Hybrid Benefit object for SQL Server can also be used for entitlement of other license requirements during the grace period of 180 days. After this time, such licenses become permanently assigned to the AHB object and all other entitlements are removed. The grace period starts when a license is assigned to the AHB object using the Manage Hybrid Benefit action.

If a license is unassigned from the AHB object using the the Manage Hybrid Benefit action and then assigned again, the grace period of 180 days starts from scratch again.

How the grace period works

  1. The system contains two licenses that are eligible for Azure Hybrid Benefit.


  1. One of them is used to entitle license requirements for SQL Server on endpoint devices.


  1. A user runs the Azure Hybrid Benefit data provider and subsequently enables both licenses to cover Azure Hybrid Benefits by using the Manage Hybrid Benefit action.
  2. The compliance of the AHB object is updated immediately and you can see both of the assigned licenses on its preview. The day when they have been assigned marks the start of the grace period and is recorded in the AHB Enabled column.


The system does not change the count for available usage rights of the licenses and does not remove entitlement of license requirements from them. During 180 days these licenses can still be automatically assigned to license requirements. 

  1. With every run of the data provider, the expiration of the 180 days is checked. Once this period elapses, the license counts are updated so that no usage rights are available for entitlement of license requirements anymore. Existing entitlements between the license and license requirements are removed.


If the count of usage rights is changed for a license assigned to cover Azure Hybrid Benefits, the next run of the data provider will recalculate Azure Hybrid Benefit compliance accordingly. The AHB Enabled date is not updated in this case.

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