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Merging duplicates and stock forecast for SKUs


This article describes two actions for stock keeping units: Merge Duplicates and Stock Forecast.

Merging duplicates

When a stock keeping unit is imported from the inventory system, several objects can be created in Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management (for example, due to different notation conventions in the underlying data sources).

You can merge these duplicates into a single stock keeping unit by using the Merge Duplicates action:

  1. Select one stock keeping unit (or several SKUs) that should be merged into another one and run the Merge Duplicates action.
  2. In the wizard that opens you need to specify the SKU that will remain in the system and to which all corresponding assets will be consolidated.
  3. Finish the wizard.

All assets will be moved from the source SKU(s) to the target one. Now you can delete empty SKUs from the system.

Stock forecast for SKUs

The Stock Forecast action opens the Stock Forecast report for the SKU.

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