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Managing principal user of a complex system


Every complex system can have a principal user. When you create a complex system item, you assign a person inside the edit form. However, if you want to assign an existing complex system to a person, you must use the Manage Principal User action. A wizard will guide you through the required steps. As a result, it will also change the principal user of all assets that are assigned to the complex system item.


  1. Go to the Complex Systems navigation item in the Assets application.
  2. Select the complex system items which you want to assign a principal user for.
  3. Click the Manage Principal User action.
  4. Choose the person that will be a principal user of selected complex systems.
  5. Select the Rebook assigned services to new principal user checkbox if you also want to reassign bookings of related assets to the new principal user.
    The checkbox is active only if you are using services from Service Catalog. If you select the checkbox, you will be able to choose service bookings that should be assigned to the new principal user.
  6. Apply your changes.


  1. System assigns the selected person as a principal user of the selected complex systems.
  2. System assigns all assets of the selected complex systems to the same person.
  3. System rebooks selected bookings to the new principal user (if checkbox was selected).