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Empirum Agent uninstallation on macOS devices

macOS Empirum Uninstallation

In some certain scenarios it might be necessary to uninstall the Empirum from your macOS devices. This guide will help to remove the Empirum Agent from macOS devices very quick and simple.  A script for the Empirum Uninstallation is part of the macOS components packages and basically you need fist to ensure to bring this file to the target device e.g., via downloading the macOS components package or any other possible ways like sending it via email, provide a OneDrive link or copy it via USB Stick.  Within this guide, we will download the macOS components package directly to the target macOS device, but as mentioned, any other way is also possible. 

Get and Copy the Script

  • On your target macOS devices, download the macOS components archive from the Matrix42 Marketplace
  • Open Finder and go to Downloads
  • Expand the downloaded macOS components archive
  • Navigate to Extras > Scripts 
  • Copy the file to the desktop 

Script Execution

  • Open the Launchpad
  • Type Terminal and open the application
  • Enter the following command and press enter 
cd ~/Desktop

For creation of ~ press Option/Alt + N on your keyboard

  • Enter the following command to list available files on your Desktop and press enter

If a popup will appear, allow Terminal to access files in your Desktop Folder by pressing OK

  • Now Locate your
  • Enter now the following command and press enter
sudo /bin/sh
  • Enter your macOS Password to proceed
  • Wait until the process is finished  
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