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Create a Service Connection for Matrix42 PackageCloud


In order to use the PackageCloud integration it is required to setup a service account which uses a Matrix42 Account to provide the authentication to Matrix42. This allows the system to verify that the system belongs to a Matrix42 customer and the status of the PackageCloud subscriptions.

Matrix42 customers without a valid PackageCloud subscription are able to see all packages and download/integrate all packages which are marked as "free".

This article describes how to setup a required app connection in Matrix42 MyWorkspace and the service connection in the Matrix42 Digital Workspace Platform (DWP).

With version 11.0.1 of the DWP a new wizard allows an easy setup in the Administration -> Service Connections -> Connections. See the documentation.

Creating an OAuth2 App in MyWorkspace

In order to create a new Oauth2 App in MyWorkspace you need to log on to MyWorkspace as a company administrator.

Make sure your Matrix42 account belongs to the correct company and you are a company administrator.

Check if your account is part of a company already: Login to with your Matrix42 account. There is you assigned company listed. It is also possible to register a new company if you are the first in your organization to establish the company profile.

Creating an OAuth2 Application in MyWorkspace

Logon to MyWorkspace with your Matrix42 account which is also a company administrator.

Open the navigation pane and select Administration.


Select "Applications" and press the button with the "+" and choose "Custom OAuth2 Service Provider"


Enter a name, application description and enter the URL to the DWP server in the Service Provider and Redirect URL fields.

Select "Allow Code Flow" and "Allow Refresh Tokens".


Click Save.

Switch to the tab "Permissions" on top of the Application configuration.


Type the username of the the user who will be used for the authentication in the DWP service connection and click "Add".

Switch to the tab "Integration Guide" on top of the Application configuration.


Copy the following strings which will be required to create a service connection in the DWP:

  • Client_id
  • Client_secret
  • Scope


Configure the Service Connection in the DWP

The service connection handles the initial authentication and the automated refresh of the access token in the DWP to allow the PackageCloud integration to retrieve the data and packages based on the subscription state of your company.

Logon to the DWP with an administrator account.

Switch to the Administration App.

Navigate to Integration -> Service Connections

Configure the Service

Select Services.


Select Matrix42 Service Accounts and click Edit.

Click the "+" above the list of Capabilities.


Enter a name and paste the previously stored scope string. Grant type and Validation Uri can be empty.

Click Save and Done.

Add Tennant

Select Tennants in the navigation.

Click Add Tennant.

Enter a name and select Matrix42 Accounts in the Services field.

Paste the previously stored client_id string in the Client ID field.

Paste the previously stored client_secret in the Client Secret field.


Click Save and Done.

Add Service Connection

Select Connections in the navigation.

Click Add Service Connection.

Select the previously created service with the corresponding capability.

Select the previously created tenant.


Click SETUP AUTHENTICATION and enter your Matrix42 account credentials.

Click Authorize.

Click Save and Done.

PackageCloud Integration

Once the new service connection is configured the PackageCloud integration will use the configured service connection to retrieve the data from the Matrix42 Marketplace. For testing purposes this can be enforced by navigating to Data Providers and activate the PackageCloud data provider.

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