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Installation Guide I: System Requirements

System Requirements UUX for SUEM 2010

The UUX for SUEM, UUX for UEM and UUX for EDP require license certificates. Please contact Matrix42 sales or your Matrix42 partner for more information.

The installation changed from the former Customizing Installer to the new "Configuration Package" Feature of the DWP. 

  • All Empirum versions in support. Empirum 20.0.1 or later for Service Bus Integration with Hotfix from 31.July.2020. Empirum 20.0.2 with latest Hotfix for additional features (see release notes)
  • The Empirum SDK 1.3.4 is required to assign Boot Images and OS Sources in the UUX to Empirum. The provided Powershell script "Change SDK to Service Store.ps1" copies the required files after installing the Empirum SDK on the server to the Matrix42 Service Management structure. Please note that the Server is set to maintenance mode.

  • All Silverback versions in support. Silverback 20.0.1 or later for Service Bus Integration. Silverback 20.0.2 for additional features (see release notes)

  • EDP: For full functionality - EgoSecure Data Protection Endpoint Security 15.3.948.3 is required. 
    The ChageListener.exe component is required for Servivce Bus integration and must be installed on the same server where EgoSecure Data Protection server resides. 

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