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Release Notes for Secure Discovery & Dependency Mapping (SDDM) 4.5.0

Contents of Summer, 2021 minor release of Secure Discovery & Dependency Mapping (SDDM)


Functional Changes 

  • Authentication Enhancements
    • Completely redesigned Login screen to send the user to the appropriate authentication mechanism.
    • Added support in User Profiles for two-factory authentication (2FA) for local users in the FireScope Application using a Google Authenticator (or compatible) mobile application or browser extension.
      • Recovery codes are also generated to revoke the current secret, if lost.
    • Added FireScope Administrator setting to enforce 2FA for a minimum user role, or leave it as optional for users to configure.
    • Added Support User Impersonation feature to take on an authenticated session as the local account user, once authenticated as a non-system CMI user.
      • The Support password algorithm has been deactivated, and will no longer allow entry into the application.
      • Support Users must have a personal account in the Environment's CMI in order to impersonate a user on a local account for audit trail purposes.
      • It is strongly recommended, and may also be required, that the CMI users apply 2FA to their account before allowing User Impersonation.
  • Tag Management & List Updates
    • Completely rebuilt and redesigned List pages
      • Visual styles are completely redone.
      • Row selections are now remembered across pagination
      • Change actions are now presented in an icon-button, or dropdown menu that does not require so many clicks.
    • All Lists of tag-able objects can now be filtered by those tag assignments
    • All Change Actions taken on listed items will now refresh the grid without requiring a page refresh to view the changes (except in rare instances of so-called "hard-work" change requests).
    • All state icons updated for consistency across all objects.
    • All colors, labels, and wording updated for consistency and clarity
  • Baseline Map Update: Clusters, VIPs, and Node Enhancements
    • Combine Load Balancer VIPs determined to be the same device into a single expandable node, with each VIP residing inside, and linked to each of the Cluster Members.
    • Any Node that is the source of a change (new/inactive dependency) receives a badge indicating as such, which bubbles up to any group(s) of which the node is a child.
    • Added some clarifying hover effects to show what nodes are connected when hovering a given item in the map.
    • Added enhanced information about the underlying lines that are collapsed into a single line.
    • Added new Map Left- and Right-Click Interactions and context menu items, including Change Actions on a dependency line within the map.
    • Added delayed refresh of the map until all Change Enablement actions are taken.
    • Removed some confusing, or annoying, interactions on the map, and replaced them with expected behavior.
  • Advanced Event Definition Support 
    • Added support for Aggregate (Level 2) and Policy (Level 3) Event Definitions to augment the Basic (Level 1) type.
    • Aggregate Event Definitions combine multiple Basic Event Definitions from CIs in a Logical Group to indicate an aggregation of states before triggering a failure.
    • Policy Event Definitions combine multiple Aggregate or Basic event definition states to indicate a failure of a Service based on the Logical Groups and CIs that contribute to it.
    • Added support for a Policy Event Definition to be assigned as the "Business Availability" indicator for a Configuration Item or Service Group.
  • [PRB35856] Added IP & Hostname to the CI Drawer picker, and the IP to the Chip in the list (if valid, and different from the CI name).
  • Baseline Map: Add an option to Auto-Exclude a node from the map, and cleanup dependencies associated with it.
  • Now allowing FireScope Administrators to assign User Groups to a Service, Logical, or Blueprint Group directly from its edit form.
  • The Edge Device will now update its IP Address in the UI when it changes on the device.

Issues Fixed 

  • [PRB35409] Fixed an issue where rapid editing of Blueprints would sometimes not sync the changes.
  • [PRB35689] Fixed an issue with SNMP Attribute Operation validation and storage, improperly appending the operation to itself.
  • [PRB35597] Fixed an issue preventing the Baseline Map's context menu change actions from working.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Baseline Map's "Show In Map" feature from working.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the High Availability & Generic Clusters to save without creating a proper Delegate CI.


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