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Business contacts information


Business contacts are employees of companies that are registered as business partners of your company.


  • Organizational UnitCost Center, and Location: If you create a new business contact, you can use the corresponding button to link it to a related organizational unit, cost center, and location. For existing business contacts, you can add a link only by clicking Change Ownership in the action pane.
  • Contact Person: Name, department, and position of business contact.
  • State: The Inactive status is used, for example, for former business contacts with whom an active relationship no longer exists.
  • Valid From/Valid Until: If the business contact should be used for a limited time only, enter the period dates here. Otherwise, leave the fields blank.
  • Notes: Additional information about the business contact.
  • Image: Photo of the business contact that is displayed only on the dialog page of the business contact.
  • Contact Data: Telephone numbers, email address, and other contact information of the business contact.


  • Information of a general nature. You can edit these entries later.


  • Comments about your activities that are related to this business contact. You cannot change the journal entries after they have been made.


  • For this business contact, copies of digital documents can be saved and later reopened.

Related Objects

On the Related Objects dialog pages, you can manage all configuration items that are related to this business contact.

  • Business Partners: Business partners to which the business contact belongs.
  • Contracts: Contracts that refer to this business contact.
  • Tasks: Tasks that were created in this context.


In the action pane, you can access the actions that are available for business contacts.

  • Create Task: You can create a task from a business contact. The task is then automatically linked to this business contact.
  • Change Ownership: Change the organizational, commercial, and regional assignment of this business contact by using a wizard.
  • Import: Import the list of business contacts from MS Excel by using the predefined import sequence and template.

Object Details

The most important key data of the business contact is listed in action pane under Object Details.

  • Related Objects: Other configuration items that are related to this configuration item. You can access these items directly from the action pane by using the displayed hyperlink. Object Details can have the following links:
  • Attachments: Number of attachments that are related to the business contact. Click the link to open the Attachments dialog page of the business contact.
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