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Configuring and applying the Global Search; using wildcard characters in an application-specific keyword search.

Global Search

The Global Search is an application-specific keyword search performed among all the objects from all the selected contexts (navigation items). If none of the contexts (or areas) is selected, the search is conducted in ALL the existing contexts (e.g. see Actions, Configuration Items, Data Definition, Dataset Views, and other checkboxes in the screenshot below). To open the Global Search, click the looking glass icon located in the Matrix42 header at the top of the screen, next to the applications icon. 


Global Search Contexts

All the new Navigation Items are, by default, included as contexts into the Global Search. To remove a Navigation Item from the Global Search, clear the "Present in Global Search Context List" checkbox (see outlined in red in the screenshot below) in the corresponding Navigation Item dialog and save the change:


If only one context is selected in the Global Search (e.g. "Data Queries" in the screenshot below), the corresponding search page (Data Queries) with search results is opened automatically. You can also open search pages with the same keyword search from Navigation: just click "Data Queries" under User Interface and run the page-specific keyword search using the "Search Text" field located at the top of the page, below the header. 


For users to be able to locate a Column (e.g. "Name" in the above screenshot) via the keyword search, the "Use in keyword search" checkbox must be selected for this specific Column in the corresponding Column dialog. 


If, however, the "Use in keyword search" checkbox is cleared for ALL the Columns that are part of the Data Query, the keyword search is conducted in ALL the Columns. 

Use % Symbol in Keyword Search 

Use the % symbol to replace several characters in the keyword search and search for partial matches:


Filter Grid by Column

Type a keyword ("cost" in the screenshot below) into the Column specific search field to view only matching results in the grid. Click a field name in the grid to filter it by column, a-z (an upward-facing arrow will appear next to the column name); click the field name again to filter the grid by column, z-a (downward facing arrow). 


Clear Filters


  1. To clear ALL the applied filters, click CLEAR FILTERS above the grid.
  2. To clear any of the filters, click x next to this filter. 
  3. To clear the filtering search field, click x to the right of it. 
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