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Minimum System Requirements

Minimum requirements required for a SaaS-based implementation of FireScope SPM.


The following outlines the minimum requirements required for a SaaS-based implementation of FireScope SPM.

Port Communication Requirements

In a SaaS implementation of FireScope SPM, a FireScope Edge virtual machine is deployed on-premise to perform discovery and data collection.  All communication between the Edge device and the FireScope cloud is initiated by the Edge device for security purposes.  The following ports will need to be open for successful communication between FireScope SPM and each Edge device.

  • If using FireScope Service Insight, it will need to be able to connect to your SPM cloud over port 9540
  • If FireScope Analytics is part of this implementation, port 40000

Edge Device System Requirements

The FireScope Edge virtual machine is responsible for executing Discovery, all data collection, and accurately forwarding all of this data to the FireScope SPM cloud. Edge devices can be physical or virtual appliances. The number of Configuration Items it collects from, frequency of polling, and scope of data collection methodologies impact its performance.

  • 8 vCPUs
  • 12 GB of RAM
  • 120 GB for Primary Disk

Note:  The storage requirement for the edge device is large to ensure sufficient storage space for caching in case of loss of connectivity with the FireScope SPM cloud.

Web Browser

FireScope SPM supports the following Web browsers:

Internet Explorer 8 and above
*Compatibility mode not supported. HTML5 is not natively supported in versions older than 9.
FireFox 6 and above
Safari 3.2 and above
Chrome 6.0 and above

Additionally, the following requirements apply to all browsers:

  • JavaScript is enabled
  • Minimum resolution: 1024 x 768

On-Site Implementations Minimum Requirements

If you are opting for a private instance of FireScope SPM, there are additional requirements needed for the FireScope SPM Cloud itself.  All of the previous minimum requirements are still required.

Ensure that you meet the following environment requirements to deploy FireScope SPM successfully.

ESX Servers 3 (5 preferred)
Minimum Instances 3 x EWC
2 x EAC
2 x ESC
1 x Edge Device
VM Environment VMware vSphere 5.5+
ESX servers with proper configuration
(Key settings are correct Time Source and Hostname)
Standard VMware images, with VMDK support
Supported Storage FC SAN (preferred)
Fast iSCSI
Direct Attached SAS
*NAS is not supported.
Network Fast Ethernet, fully switched
Distributed vSwitches for ESX

All primary SPM components (EWC, EAC, and ESC) communicate over TCP/IP Protocol within the SPM Cloud Environment. Each layer must have the appropriate access to the other layers in order for the application to perform optimally. As the SPM Cloud Environment is typically housed in the same location, no special firewall rules or protocols should be required.

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