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Extending the Solution

An overview of methods by which SPM can be extended for use beyond the typical use cases.


Throughout development of FireScope SPM, a strong emphasis has been placed on enabling users to do things beyond normal use cases.  Wherever possible, we tried to provide quick and easy default options that users can easily change to adapt to fit their unique environment or role.  Specifically, there are three key areas where we see customers routinely extending the solution:

  1. Data Collection.  In addition to the stock SNMP, TCP, API and agent data collection methods common in most monitoring platforms, FireScope SPM includes an Enterprise Service Bus to directly query standard databases, Dynamic Data Attributes which enable either key/value pairs or JSON data to be firehosed into the solution, as well as an Agent that can pipe the output of any CLI command or script back as attribute data.  Additionally, the User Experience Check capability can extract elements from the output of web applications as attribute data.
  2. Event Analysis.  An Advanced Event Definition builder enables you to define virtually any kind of event logic from any attribute (or combination of attributes).
  3. Blueprints.  Data collection, event analysis and visual controls for any common class of monitored asset (e.g. switches, application servers, OWA servers) is packaged as a Blueprint.  You have the control to edit any aspect of the existing Blueprints, or you can create your own.  And even better, make a change to a blueprint and the change is immediately applied to every CI that is associated with the Blueprint.
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