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Understanding SAP technical inventory


After the successful first run of the SAP Compliance data provider, you can access the imported SAP data under Technical Inventory > SAP Compliance in the Licenses application.

The table below explains available navigation items.

SAP Compliance Dashboards for SAP licenses and engine consumption
     License Inventory Purchased licenses
     License Summary Consolidated view on required licenses before and after optimization
     License Details Detailed view on license classification per user and system
     Users List of SAP user accounts 
     Engine Report Consolidated view on engine consumption
     Engine Details Detailed view on engine consumption 
     Systems List of metered SAP systems

SAP Compliance

This view provides a couple of selected charts for SAP license and engine consumption data.

Active SAP Users per System (Top 10)

This bar chart groups SAP users in the Active status by a SAP system. Click on a bar to see corresponding users.
Active SAP Users per Type The pie chart groups active SAP users by their type. Click on a slice to see the list of users of a certain type.
Active Users per SAP System (Top 10) This bar chart groups Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management persons in the Active status by a SAP system. Click on a bar to see corresponding users.
User License Optimization (Top 10) This combined bar chart groups records from SAP License Summary by software product and shows the sums of previously required and currently required usage rights for this software product. By clicking on a bar you can open the list of corresponding SAP License Summary records.
Engine Consumption (Top 10) The combined bar chart shows summarized amount and summarized total amount of engine consumption records for each application.

License Inventory

This view shows the amount of purchased licenses per software. The license inventory data is used to create the software products for license requirements. The name with the corresponding License Type is used in other SAP data grids for user-friendliness. 

License Summary

The item displays aggregated view on all SAP user licenses per license type:

  • Previously Required = required licenses before license optimization
  • Currently Required = required licenses after license optimization

License Details

Shows SAP user accounts for every SAP system with corresponding License Type assigned.

Required License displays effectively required License Type for a user across all systems based on license optimization.


List of SAP user accounts for all SAP systems with detailed account information.

Engine Report

Aggregated summary of license consumption grouped by Material.

Summary records have gray background color. Below each summary row, details per Material are displayed grouped by Application and UnitID (Engine ID). 

  • Total Amount = purchased quantity
  • Last Measurement = currently reported consumption

Engine Details

Engine consumption details for all metered SAP systems. 


List of all SAP systems.

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