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Configuring the SAP Compliance data provider


This data provider enables the integration with the samQ solution that provides data on usage of SAP products. samQ is a solution for license metering and license optimization from VOQUZ Solutions. 

Installing the SAP Compliance data provider

The SAP Compliance data provider is delivered as an add-on to Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management and can be downloaded from the Extension Gallery.

Configuring the SAP Compliance data provider

To configure the data provider:

  1. Open the Administration application and go to Integration > Data Providers.
  2. Double-click the SAP Compliance data provider to open it. The page contains the configurations list where configurations for this provider can be managed.
  3. Create a new configuration. A new dialog will open.
  4. On the General page, select Enable import.
  5. In Net Sharing Folder, enter the path to the folder where samQ saves its XML files. It can be a local path or a network sharing folder. A network path must be specified using Uniform Naming Convention (UNC). Please note that the path must be accessible for the data provider from the selected data gateway machine.
  6. Use the Delete Records that Are Not Reported (after Days) field to define after which period of time the SAP license data is considered out-dated and must be deleted.
  7. Save you changes for the configuration and the data provider.
  8. Run the Enable action for the data provider.

To activate the import, click the Activate action for the SAP Compliance data provider.

Tracking the import progress

 To view the current status of the import:

  1. Double-click the configuration of the SAP Compliance data provider to open its preview.
  2. The preview displays all workflow instances and import logs for the selected configuration.

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