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Understanding the technical inventory for IBM Compliance


After the successful first run of the ILMT data provider, IBM data can be accessed under Technical Inventory > IBM Compliance in the Licenses application.

The table below explains available navigation items.

IBM Compliance Dashboard with IBM Compliance key indicators.
IBM Compliance > ILMT Healthcheck Dashboards which makes ILMT related problems visible.
IBM Compliance > Compliance Dashboard for software products and licenses.
IBM Compliance > Compliance > Software Products List of IBM software products.
IBM Compliance > Compliance > Purchased Licenses List of licenses created for IBM software products.
IBM Compliance > Compliance > Required Licenses List of license requirements for IBM software products.
IBM Compliance > Metric Comparison Comparison of subcapacity versus full capacity, License requirements for Software products with a Processor Value Unit and  Resource Value Unit license models.
IBM Compliance > ILMT Systems List of systems which were imported using the ILMT data provider.
IBM Compliance > VM Managers List of VM managers within the ILMT Server including their state and deletion information.

ILMT Healthcheck

This view provides a couple of selected charts on ILMT systems health, license metrics and VM managers.

ILMT Agent Deployment Issues Pie chart which shows systems which have IBM PVU software installed and do not have an an ILMT agent installed or are not configured within ILMT. Click on the selected slice to see list of corresponding systems without ILMT agent or systems missing in ILMT.
ILMT Agent Health

The column chart groups by the status of computers that do not meet one or more of the deployment health conditions. Click on a column to drill down for a list of specific computers with possible problems. You can analyze data in the list to understand the reason of failure of the scan.

The following statuses are possible:

  • Disconnected: the computer has not connected to the server for the last 72 hours.
  • Low Disk Space: the drive on which the agent is installed has less than 100 MB of free disk space.
  • Out of Sync: the time that is set on the computer differs by at least an hour from the time that is set on the server.
  • Missing Prerequisites: scanner prerequisites are not installed on the computer.
ILMT Software Scan Health

This pie chart groups computers from ILMT by the health of scans that are running in your infrastructure. By clicking on a column, you can open the list of corresponding computers.

The following values are possible:

  • Failed Scan: the catalog-based scan did not complete successfully.
  • Missing Scan: the last attempt to initiate the catalog-based scan was more than 30 days ago.
  • Scan Not Uploaded: results of the catalog-based scan were not uploaded to the BigFix server.
ILMT VM Managers State

This pie chart shows the ILMT VM managers grouped by statuses OK and Not OK. Click on a slice to see the list of corresponding VM managers with the specific status. Deleted VM managers are excluded from this chart and list.

The Not OK status stands for the following specific statuses:

  • Connection failed,
  • Data partially collected,
  • Duplicated address,
  • Hard timeout - suspended,
  • Inactive,
  • Invalid credentials - attempting,
  • Invalid credentials - suspended,
  • No data (previously Insufficient rights),
  • OK - duplicated UUIDs discarded,
  • Pending,
  • Unknown problem.
ILMT Products Reaggregation Needed All software products, where a reaggregation in ILMT is required.
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