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Connect to Google Cloud Platform


If you want to import your billing data from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) you must configure following system:

  1. Google Cloud Platform
  2. Matrix42 Cloud Costs Portal
  3. Matrix42 Cloud Costs Data Provider

This article provides a step-by-step guideline for connecting Google Cloud Platform with Matrix42 Cloud Costs Management.

Configure Google Cloud Platform

Create a dedicated GCP project

The Google Cloud Platform follows a project-driven approach to differentiate between an independent group of stakeholders. We recommend handling the complete integration between our management platform and your GCP Billing information in a dedicated project. Just log into the GCP console and create a new project here.

External Link: Create a new GCP Project 

Create GCP Project.png
Create GCP Project - Name.jpg

Create a GCP BigQuery dataset for billing data export

BigQuery is a fully managed data warehouse solution in GCP. The integrated billing system in GCP supports the regular export of detailed consumption data into a BigQuery DataSet, which 3rd party applications can consume. Open the BigQuery management page, select your project, and create a new data set. You find the BigQuery management area in the GCP menu in the "Big Data" section (scroll down the menu aprox. 75%). 

External Link: GCP BigQuery Console 

Firstly, select your project in the blue header bar, then create new data set.

Create BigQuery DataSet.jpg

Enter a suitable name into "Dataset ID" and select the region where your data should be located physically:

Create DataSet.png

This name must be used later when you register your GCP account in the Matrix42 Cloud Cost Portal

Establish GCP billing data export

In the billing section of the Google Cloud Platform, enable the export of your billing data into the created BigQuery DataSet. Select "Billing" in the main GCP console menu and there select "Billing export". On the page, click "Edit Settings". 

External link: GCP Billing Settings 

Manage Billing Export.jpg

Select your project and the previously created BigQuery dataset and save your changes:

Setup Billing Data Export.jpg

Afterwards, billing export settings are done:

Billing Export.jpg

Google needs 24 up to 48 hours to establish regular export. However, you may continue with configuration.

Create a GCP Service Account 

Matrix42 Cloud Cost Portal requires access to the generated dataset containing the billing data. The permissions for this access are granted by a Google Service Account, which is the highest security standard currently available. Should you follow our recommendation using a dedicated project, our platform is completely isolated from all other active projects on the Google Cloud Platform.

External link: Create a new service account

In GCP console main menu, open IAM & Admin and select "Service Accounts" and click on "Create Service Account":

Service Accounts.png

In Step 1, provide account name and a description.  Click on "Create and Continue. In step 2, select "BigQuery User" from the role selector. Create the service account with "Done":  

Create Service Account 1.jpg Create Service Account 2.jpg

Create Private Key for access from Matrix42 Cloud Costs Portal

Select action "Manage Keys" for the created account:

Create Secret Key 1.jpg

Select "Create new key" from the action menu:

Create Secret Key 2.jpg

Select "JSON" and click on "Create". A JSON file will be downloaded to your computer. Store it in a safe place! You need the content of that file later when we configure the dataset connection in Matrix42 Cloud Cost Portal (see here).

Create Secret Key 3.jpg

Finally, we have created the necessary safe access:

Create Secret Key 4.png

Configure Matrix42 Cloud Costs Portal

Matrix42 Cloud Costs Portal is a data hub for accessing billing data from different cloud providers.


Login to We recommend to use your Matrix42 account. If you do not have a Matrix42 account, you easily may create one on 

Cloud Costs Logon.jpg

If your authentication involves your organization's Azure Active Directory, you may encounter an issue. According to your organization's settings for Enterprise Application handling, you may not be able to login and see following error message:

Admin Approval Required.png

How to resolve:

Allowing users consuming Azure Costs with their existing Azure Active Directory account requires a dedicated administrative action, Microsoft calls it Admin Consent Flow. The administrative consent flow is triggered with the following URL by every Azure Active Directory Administrator:

Should more than one Azure Active Directory be managed with the same admin account it's recommended to define the concrete tenant with the following URL scheme:{{YOUR AAD Domain}}/adminconsent?client_id=e5dd24ad-e67a-4d84-bd5f-7a60587f884f&

Customers using the Microsoft Cloud Germany should use the following URL to trigger the Admin Consent Flow:

After executing this operation a new application with the name "Azure Costs" appears in the Azure Active Directory and end-user can log into Azure Costs. 

After successful login, click on your account name in the upper-right corner and select "Manage Team".

For managing the team and register an App for connecting the data provider, you must be administrator for the company your account is assigned to in

Matrix42 Account Settings.jpg   

Essential Information

Following information will be required later, when you configure and connect Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management to Matrix42 Cloud Costs Portal. So make sure you save this data in a safe place during this procedure. 

Information How to obtain
Team ID ID from the URL that is displayed in the address-bar of your browser on the Matrix42 Cloud Costs Portal (see screenshot below)
Client ID Will be displayed in the dialog when you register the app or afterwards in the list of registered apps (see screenshot below)
Client Secret Will be displayed only in the dialog when you register the app

Team ID in browser URL (GUID between "teams/" and "/manage"):  

Tenant ID on Cloud Costs Portal.jpg

Register App for Cloud Cost Data Provider

An "App" is an access item for external applications. On creation, a so-called "Client-Secret" is created that is used from the external system for authentication.

The Client-Secret is displayed only once, when you create the "App". So make sure to copy this value and store it in a safe place for future use.

Click on "+ Register App":

Manage Team on Cloud Costs Portal.jpg

Enter a user-friendly name for the application. Also, copy client secret into your clipboard and save it in a text file that you store on a safe place. Select option "Admin Permissions". Finally save your changes:

Register App on Cloud Costs Portal.jpg

After saving you see the registered app that is used to download and forward your billing data from GCP:

Manage Team on Cloud Costs Portal 2.jpg

Connect to Google Cloud Platform

In the black header-bar, click on "Return to reports" (dashboard). There click on "+ Add" to connect to your GCP account:

Add Data Provider 1.jpg

A new page opens where you select Google Cloud Platform:

Select Cloud Provider.jpg

Click on the icon for GCP and skip first page:

Add Data Provider 2.jpg

On the second page, paste the entire content of the JSON-file you downloaded from GCP (see above) and provide the name of your dataset you have created on GCP:

Add Data Provider 3.jpg

When you click on "Next", the Matrix42 Cloud Portal checks if access to your dataset works. If not, you get an error message. Otherwise, success is reported:

Add Data Provider 4.jpg

At his point, configuration of Matrix42 Cloud Costs Portal is completed. 

Configure Matrix42 Cloud Costs Data Provider

Create new data provider configuration

Open "Administration" app in Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management. Navigate to Integration - Data Providers and select the Matrix42 Cloud Costs data provider. Click on "Edit":

Configure Cloud Costs Data Provider 1.jpg

Create new configuration:

Configure Cloud Costs Data Provider 2.jpg

Connect to Matrix42 Cloud Costs Portal

If you configure access to GCP the first time, you will have to create a team for it. Use the search dialog that displays all available teams and click on (+) to create a new one. A team represents a connection to the Matrix42 Cloud Costs Portal. It is specific for any registered "app" for cloud provider access.

In the edit form, provide a user-friendly name. DO NOT click on "Get Team Identifier..." button. Instead, enter Team-ID, Client-ID and Secret Key you have obtained before when you configured the app in Matrix42 Cloud Costs Portal:

Configure Data Provider - Enter credentials.jpg


Connect to Contract Management

In this step, you bind your subscription contract on GCP with a contract object in Matrix42 Contract Management. 

DO NOT click on "Register Your Contract" button, instead select values for following settings:

  1. Select the team object that holds the credentials to Matrix42 Cloud Costs Portal
  2. Select a contract from Contract Management that should hold all downloaded billing data
  3. Select the registered contract connection, you registered on the Matrix42 Cloud Costs Portal

Configure Cloud Costs Data Provider 3.jpg

Save your changes in the configuration and also save the modified data provider object. 

Execute the data provider

Be aware that GCP needs 24 to 48 hours providing billing data the first time. Therefore your first run will not import any billing data when you run it right after finishing your configuration. However it will tell you, if connections are working. Consider creating an engine activation to run your data provider with all configuration or selected configurations automatically based on a suitable schedule.Run the data provider using the "Activate" action:

Run Data Provider.jpg

If you open your previously created configuration, you may see the progress of the execution and the result of the import:

Monitor Execution.jpg

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