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Getting started with Cloud Cost Management

The Matrix42 Cloud Costs data provider is delivered as an add-on to Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management and can be downloaded from Marketplace. It provides the integration with Matrix42 Cloud Costs Portal. Using this feature, you can import all data related to usage of cloud resources into Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management. With no difficulty you will be able to get analytics for your expenses and correlate the cloud service contracts and subscriptions with contract objects in Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management.

When you are starting with Matrix42 Cloud Costs Add-on, you will need to install the package first and then set up your routine for using the add-on.

The initial setup includes the following steps:

  1. Installation.
  2. Creation of teams.
  3. Configuring and running the data provider.

Additional settings can be managed by:

Once you have set up the add-on, you can work with imported data by using the following two options:

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