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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Settings for Contract Management


Click the Settings navigation item in the Contracts application to view and edit current settings.

Financial Settings

  • Default Tax Rate (%): The sales tax percentage that is applied to the corresponding fields in Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management. You can also specify the sales tax rate individually for each configuration item.
  • Include Tax for Costing (Gross Costs): Select this checkbox if the sales tax should be considered as a cost, which means it cannot be reimbursed by the relevant tax authority. While changing this option you will be notified that cost plans will be recalculated.

Status Management

  • Mandatory Values for the "Signed" Contract: Fields of a contract dialog that are specified here cannot be empty if a contract is set to the Signed status.
  • Available Status Values for Contracts: Statuses that can be assigned to contracts during their life cycle. By choosing the appropriate statuses, you can adjust the contract life cycle to your internal processes. For example, to increase protection against data loss, you can prevent the physical deletion of existing contract records by assigning the Deleted status instead. In this case, deleted contracts remain saved in the system.

Refer to How to Handle Deletion in Contract Management for more information.

Statuses mentioned as Mandatory Statuses are the ones which are managed by the system automatically and cannot be adjusted by users.

  • Standard Status Filter for All Cost Reports: The list of contract statuses that are considered when analyzing contracts for cost reports. The filters for each report can be individually adjusted as needed.