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Settings for Asset Management


Click the Settings navigation item in the Assets application to see a preview of current system settings. Click Edit to adjust the settings.

Asset Management

Status Values Relevant for End-of-life Monitoring

Select the statuses that will be considered when determining the planned end-of-life for assets. If another status is assigned to an asset, the planned end-of-life is not calculated/updated for the asset and this asset is not included in the Asset End-of-Life report.

Apply change of status, ownership or principal user to related peripheral devices by default

This setting is relevant when the Change StatusManage Principal User, and Change Ownership actions are executed for computers. If the checkbox is selected, the system will by default offer to apply the respective action to all peripheral devices that are associated with the computer.

Unified Endpoint Management

Enable UEM mode

This setting applies to Software Asset & Service Management version 9.1.3 only.

This setting can be changed by running the Enable UEM Mode (Disable UEM Mode) action from the settings preview. Enabling UEM mode means that all existing mobile devices will be merged with the computer entity and therefore there will be only one type of endpoint devices in the system - a computer. If you enable this mode, data on mobile devices will be stored in a computer dialog. This dialog will be adjusted in order to include attributes pertaining to mobile devices. You will not be able to create and import mobile devices or set permissions specifically for mobile devices. You can also disable the UEM mode to restore the mobile device object in the system. However, previously merged mobile devices will remain computers and you will need to adjust the records manually.

Automatic Assignment of Principal User

Enable automatic assignment of principal user

Select the checkbox if the system should automatically assign the principal user for computers.

Status Values Relevant for Automatic Assignment of Principal User

Use this drop-down list to select statuses of computers that will be considered for automatic assignment of the principal user. The system will automatically manage the principal user only for computers in the selected statuses.

Automatically Assign if Number of Subsequent Logins Is

When a person logs in to a computer with the same user account for the specified quantity of times, the system sets this person as a principal user of this computer.

Consider Login Records not Older Than (days)

 The period of days within which the logins are counted.

Delete Login Records Older Than (days)

When a login record is older than the specified number of days, the system deletes it.

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