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Permissions to dialogs available in the Assets application

This article lists all dialogs that are restricted by application and available in the Assets application; i.e., these dialogs are accessible only from the specified applications.

Dialogs available to everyone

The following dialogs are available in the Assets application to all users:

  • Airwatch Enrollment Dialog (Provisioning)
  • AirWatch Install Application Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Announcement Dialog
  • Appointment Dialog
  • Assign AD Group Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Business Contact Dialog
  • Business Partner Dialog
  • Computer Dialog
  • E-mail Signature Dialog
  • Execute Script Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Global System Settings Dialog (Assets)
  • Install Software w. Empirum Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Install Software with EM Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Install Software with SCCM Dialog (Provisioning)
  • License Requirement Dialog
  • Mobile Device Dialog
  • Monitor Dialog
  • Network Device Dialog
  • Note Dialog
  • Peripheral Device Dialog
  • Portable Storage Dialog
  • Printer Dialog
  • Send E-mail Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Silverback Tag Management Dialog (Provisioning)
  • SIM Card Dialog
  • Special Device Dialog [Obsolete]
  • Stock Keeping Unit Dialog
  • Task Template Dialog
  • Un/Install Software via Altiris Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Un/Install Software w. Enteo Dialog (Provisioning)
  • Universal Asset Dialog
  • Workplace Dialog

Dialogs available to specific roles

  Administration Compliance Management
Executive Management IT Asset Management License Management Service Catalog Management Service Delivery Management
Complex System Dialog    
Environment Dialog  
Person Dialog        
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