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Alternative Package Sources

Using alternative package sources, the agent can load the mass data for software packages from a special source. Currently Microsoft Azure Blob is supported.

Loading Packages into Microsoft Azure Blob Container

In preparation, the packages must be loaded into a cloud storage and the access data must be entered in the agent configuration. (See Matrix42 Online Help)

Create a Storage Account


Fill in the form and confirm the creation of a new storage account by clicking "Review and Create" and then "Create".


Create Blob Container under the newly created Storage Account

  • Select the storage account you created in step 2.
  • Select the menu item "Blobs" under "Blob service".
  • To create a blob container click on "+ Container".
  • Select "Private (no anonymous access)" as Public access level.
  • The blob container is created



Copy software packages to Azure Blob Container

  • To make packages available in the Azure Blob Container, the packages must be uploaded manually from the Empirum server to the cloud.
  • We recommend to use the tool "Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer".
  • Copy all packages below Empirum$\Configurator\Packages into the blob container excluding the patch management data (directory PatchManagement).
  • Now the feature can be activated in the agent configuration from Empirum version 19.0.1.

Important notes

  • The UEM Agent will continue to download configuration and metadata (DDS, INI, DCC, etc.) via the current Empirum server.
  • The packages are obtained from the Azure Blob Container. Currently there is no fallback. If the package does not exist in the blob container, the UEM agent will not try to get the package from the Empirum server.
  • Currently packages have to be uploaded manually into the Azure Blob Container.
  • Patch management data is still retrieved from the Empirum server.


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