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Installation and login after reboot on Full disk encryption

During a pending reboot, the UEM agent checks whether " Disc Encryption" is installed on the client. If the prerequisites are fulfilled, it prepares the system to start with automatic login after the reboot to continue the installation. This process is repeated for each subsequent reboot requested by a package. At the end, the agent resets the system to the default state, "Disc Encryption" is active and expects the user to log in at the next system startup.

Supported products are:

  • BitLocker
  • EgoSecure

The desired product must be set in the agent template.

In addition, a valid pre-boot authentication file (PBA) must be assigned in the agent template for EgoSecure. After the assignment it gets the same name as the template and is stored in the subdirectory "Endpoint Security" of the user directory.


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