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Tips and Troubleshooting

If the Software Kiosk or Installation UI cannot be displayed

The new user dialogs are based on a locally executed web page that is displayed with an embedded chrome browser. To do this, it is necessary to set the Internet properties so that no proxy is used locally, and the local computer is classified as secure. In addition, the "localhost" should not be part of the trusted site list. Use GPOs to ensure this for all computers.

Anti Virus Programs

Some antivirus programs prevent the installation or execution of the UEM Agent. Please use the AV options to exclude the"%Program Files%\Matrix42\UniversalAgent Framework" directory.

How to use the global silent switch

To ensure more standardized installations and minimize disruptions for the end user, there is the option to set a global “silent” key in the registry, which ensures that all packages installed via the software kiosk use the same mode. Ideally, this should be the “0” (/S0) mode. Progress is displayed to the user in the kiosk in larger increments.

With Empirum 17.0 Update 2 the Setup.exe will know the new value /S4. This suppresses all output except for process queries and prompts (user input).

Current restrictions:

  • Mode “0” and “1” does not work for packages where an user entry is required.



In this example, all installations are set to “/S4”.

Shutdown the computer after OS installation

If the registry key below is set to 1, the "InstallAtShutdown" mode is active for the agent. This can be set in UEMAgent.bat to turn off the computer completely after the OS installation.



Example in UEM Agent.bat:


Hide the option "Install on Shutdown"

The option "Install on Shutdown" can be hidden from the user:


"AllowPostponeUntilShutdown "=dword:00000000

Suspend mode

With a registry key the UEM Agent can be set to a mode in which no polling, download or installation actions are performed. Internally this mode is used for the Auto Update. If required, this mode can be used, for example, to prevent the agent's possible data consumption when establishing a VPN connection via a satellite telephone.


"Suspenduntil" (STRING) = end date of suspend mode

The value specifies the end of the suspend mode. For example, 2018-12-24T18:15. Any specified value that is not recognized by the agent as an ISO time value in the past will pause the agent.

Check for script files for kiosk packages

The check of the script files on the depot server can be deactivated with the following registry key:




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