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New features and changes since the release 2004

  • 2003.2: New sync component: UEM Depot Management
  • 2006.9.3: Different hashes in package validation no longer increase the FailedInstallationRetries counter by default, see section Effect of incorrect validation of packets
  • 2006.9.3: The UEM Agent and its services are shut down faster.
  • 2006.9.3: Checking for changes in the "User" directory on the server, causes less load, because the number of requests has been reduced. At least Empirum version 20.0.3 is required. For the Empirum versions 19.0.3 and 20.0.2 the hotfix to PRB35066 is required.
  • 2006.9.3: When using HTTP(S), fewer requests are sent to the server, since the client downloads specific files directly.
  • 2006.9.3: The check for existence of script files on the server can be disabled for packages in the kiosk. This leads to a significant load reduction on the depot servers, especially when using HTTP(S). This check can be deactivated via a registry key, see Check for script files for kiosk packages. (PRB34875)

Bug fixes since release 2004:

  • 2004.0: The connection via computeraccount is working again.
  • 2004.0: Assigned servers are checked in the correct order again.
  • 2005.0: When using http/s the UEM Agent is causing much less server requests.
  • 2005.1: Uploaded log files are removed locally, even if the agent cache folder contains white spaces.
  • 2005.1: DHCP options are used correctly, even if just one option (e.g. EmpirumServer) is set.
  • 2005.1: The options "Exclude Empirum Master Server" and "Use random order" are considered again.
  • 2006.2: Improved package sync
  • 2006.3: Log files are stored locally if they cannot be transferred to the server. They will be transferred when a server connection is available.
  • 2006.3: The check if a user belongs to a group was accelerated if connection problems occur.
  • 2006.5.3: User parts were erroneously uninstalled or reinstalled if the Agent checked during Windows logout.
  • 2006.5.3: Reinstalling with uninstalling a package now works correctly if a reboot is required.
  • 2006.5.3: Package validation is now always performed when pushing packages.
  • 2006.5.3: Custom WMI queries now support "contains" and "does not contain" if the WMI query returns a list, e.g. for IPAddresses.
  • 2006.5.3: The agent performs an installation for downloaded packages even if there is no connection to the server during the installation.
  • 2006.5.3: Improvements in deleting files during UEM Depot Sync.
  • 2006.5.3: For scheduled software installation the start time is considered. Not only the start date.
  • 2006.5.3: The file "PackageHashes.json" is only reloaded if it was changed.
  • 2006.6.3: No more connection problems when using the option "Only trust validated certificates".
  • 2006.7.3: Enhancements in UEM Depot Management
  • 2006.8.3: Improved stability when reading large ini files, e.g. when using many depots.   2006.9.3: The UEM Depot Management works with certificate based authentication.
  • 2006.9.3: Older, assigned packages are no longer downloaded if a newer version is also assigned. (PRB35052)
  • 2006.9.3: For the scheduled installation of software packages, the start time is taken into account, not only the start date. (PRB34327)
  • 2006.9.3: Packages that are already installed on a client are no longer downloaded when software is activated by push. (PRB34973)
  • 2006.10.3: If two versions of a package were assigned then the agent would stop the installation of all further packages at the place of the lower version of this package. (PRB35290)
  • 2006.10.3: If an API port that is already in use is defined for the agent, the agent searches for another, unused one.
  • 2006.10.3: Packages that are not intended to be uninstalled can no longer be uninstalled via detours in the kiosk.
  • 2006.10.3: Fixed log messages in installation scenario with AskuninstallOld and AbortReboot.



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