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Upload Software Packages and OS Sources (Empirum) SaaS

First steps in your Matrix42 Client Management (Empirum) SaaS solution and links to the documentation on different topics. Matrix42 Client Management (Empirum) SaaS is part of Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management.


The Matrix42 SUEM Cloud offering allows the deployment of Empirum Software packages, Enterprise Applications via Silverback and the installation of Windows Operating Systems.

In order to deploy software or operating systems the required packages needs to be uploaded and registered at the server. This article describes the options to prepare and upload the packages for the various package types. The benefit using the UUX based package upload is that there is no 8 GB file size limit and the packages are automatically registered in Empirum or Silverback.

Empirum Software packages can also be integrated via the Matrix42 PackageCloud integration. This allows the instant use of hundreds of prepackaged software packages. See the dedicated documentation.

Package and Operating System Source Upload

Package Types

The following packages types can be uploaded using the UUX upload functionality:

  • Empirum
    • Software Package
    • Operating System source
    • Language Pack
  • Enterprise App

Preparation of packages for Empirum

In order to upload software to Empirum they need to be provided as a ZIP file in the Empirum import format.

  • Software Packages
    • Use the Empirum Package Wizard to create a new software package. From version 21.0.1 onwards the wizard allows the direct creation of an ready to import package. Install the Matrix42 Packaging Center on a Windows computer and use the option Package Wizard to create a new Empirum software package. Choose to create a ZIP file at the end of the process to allow the upload via UUX.
    • Export an existing package from the Empirum package library of an other Empirum server. In the Matrix42 Empirum Management Console -> Configuration -> Software Management -> Depot -> right click on a software package and choose Export Package... The package needs to be ZIPed before uploading it via UUX.
  • Operating System source

Before the Windows operating system (ISO) files can be imported, the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (WADK) 10 (2004 or newer) must be installed.

Upload of packages and OS sources

  • Empirum packages can be uploaded in the SUEM and UEM App in the Software Distribution -> Software Packages navigation by selecting the action Add package..
  • Empirum Operating System sources and Language Packs can be uploaded in the SUEM and UEM App in the Operating Systems Installation Sources and Language Packs navigation.
  • Enterprise Apps which will be deployed by Silverback can be uploaded in the SUEM and UEM App in the Software Distribution -> Apps navigation. 

Dedicated help article of the package and app upload.