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Secure Unified Endpoint Management 22.0.1

About this Release

Matrix42 Secure Unified Endpoint Management 22.0 Update 1 provides new and improved features that have been implemented. During the development of this version, we have been focusing on valued feedback from our customers and partners to provide an ideal feature selection.

New Features

Please find all new Unified Endpoint Management features for 22.0 Update 1 below.

First glimpse at Administrative Settings

Within this Release, we added the first view on Administrative Settings in the Unified Endpoint Management application. You will find a new Administration navigation item in the top menu, which is reflecting administrative settings from the Enterprise Mobility portion of Secure Unified Endpoint Management. You will receive after a Sync all Data execution in your Silverback node or by performing a change in the Admin Tab or Web Settings configuration a new entry named Silverback Settings with the corresponding Node identifier as shown below. 


By opening the preview of your Silverback Settings, you will see all sections that are currently added to the Service Bus communication. This includes the following Silverback sections from the Admin or Web Settings configuration:

  • Admin: App Portal (Apple), Backup, Azure Active Directory (Microsoft), Self Service Portal
  • Web Settings: Cloud Connector, LDAP, Service Bus, SMTP


Removal of Objects from core system 

Variable configurations and boot configurations can now be removed from the Empirum server directly in the UEM and SUEM consoles. A switch to the Empirum console is not required anymore. The "Delete" action displays a dialog which asks if the object(s) should be removed from the associated core system. As some scenarios exists where the removal is not possible without interaction an option is available to force the removal.


The information if a removal is not possible is displayed with the reason in the "Action state" available on the preview.


If a removal is only possible with manual resolving the issue also a forced remove will nor work. the issues need to be resolved in the core system. Examples of not automatically resolvable issues are if the package is in a dependency or sequence of another package.

For Empirum objects which currently do not support the removal from UUX the Action State in the object preview will state "Unsupported Type value 'xyz" with the status failed. They must be removed from Empirum via EMC.

Extended Enterprise Service Bus information

The remote action status list shows nor also the related ESB node and the caller of the action. In addition, the object name is stored to identity the effected object even if the object is removed from the database. Additionally, Silverback is now sending the Service Bus Adapter and Silverback Server version information to the Node heartbeat.

New Extensions

Empirum Inventory Data Provider

The Empirum Inventory Data Provider provides an automated import and update of computer and software information from Empirum systems. It replaces the formally included legacy Empirum Connector computer import and allows hybrid deployment scenarios based on Data Gateways running on Workers. It can be used standalone or in combination with the Enterprise Service Bus connection to Empirum servers. The import logic uses the workflows and business logic of the Matrix42 Generic Inventory add-on which is a prerequisite. The following objects are currently retrieved and imported/updated:

  • Computer devices
    • Hardware
    • Operating system information
    • Logon users
  • Installed applications (fingerprints)
  • Application Usage Tracking Data (AUT)

Please review Matrix42 Add-on for Empirum Inventory for additional information.

Empirum Service Provisioning

The Empirum Provisioning Extension allows the creation of software services from Empirum packages and provides the required provisioning workflows to enable customers to offer software services in the Self-Service Portal. It replaces the formally included legacy Empirum Connector service provisioning and allows hybrid deployment scenarios based on Data Gateways running on Workers. The Empirum Provisioning Extension requires the Empirum Inventory and the Generic Inventory Import Extension as prerequisites. Also, the UEM Extension is required as it now offers the functionality to selectively create services from Empirum software packages from the UEM software library. 

Please review Empirum Service Provisioning for additional information.

New Features for EgoSecure Data Protection

  • Report for detecting the Linux Subsystem for Windows is now available


  • Extended the failover model for communication between EgoSecure and DWP

  • Communication for the following sections now occurs via Service Bus:

    • Insight Analysis

    • License management

    • Custom messages

    • EgoSecure Agents

Uninstall EgoSecure Changes Listener before proceeding with the EgoSecure Service Bus Adapter installation.

Hotfix Information

 Updates to the original released Extensions

  • Unified Endpoint Management (28.11.2022)
    • Improved performance when adding or removing devices to existing assignments.
    • Show progress of assignment processing in the notification area.
  • Unified Endpoint Management (27.10.2022)
    • Improved performance on handling large assignments with Empirum
    • Improve performance of UEM Rollout Progress service
    • Improve common performance for UEM Rollout Plan service
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