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Secure Unified Endpoint Management 2009

System Requirements

Required dependencies that needs to be installed and licensed

  • Matrix42 Service and Software Asset Management 10.0.2 or later.
  • All Empirum versions in support. Empirum 20.0.1 or later for Service Bus Integration with Hotfix from 30.July.2020 or newer.
  • All Silverback versions in support. Silverback 20.0.1 or later for Service Bus Integration
  • EgoSecure Version 15.2 for Insights Integration and Endpoint Device Protection Integration

Matrix42 Service Bus requires an Azure Service Bus or RabbitMQ 3.4 or later
Installation package for installation and configuration of the RabbitMQ Service Bus
Can be used without cloud or Internet connection

Empirum 20.0.2 and Silverback 20.0.2 include the Service Bus components. No separate Empirum package is required.
Empirum 20.0.1 with the latest Hotfix release and Silverback 20.0.1 do not deliver the full scope of data over the Service Bus.

Complete "Desired State Management

In addition to the Empirum packages and Silberback tags, you can now also assign:

  • Agent Configurations (Agent Templates in Empirum )
  • Patch Management
  • Operating system sources
  • Language Packs
  • Boot Images

Thus the complete target state of the computers can be modeled in the UUX.

Improved view in the device overview

The device overview is now thematically divided into four areas, making it easier to find the information you need.


In the depot view, additional object types from Empirum are displayed:

  • Operating system sources
  • Language Packs
  • Boot Images

New expert view for adjusting matching rules

Matching rules are used to ensure that no duplicates are created in the system when multiple sources update the same object. For example, computers are updated by Empirum, Silverback and various other data providers (AD, AAD etc.).

All existing matching rules can be viewed and adjusted in the administration app in the Import -> Service Bus area.

New installation method

The UUX for SUEM app is now installed using the new "Solution Builder Configuration Packaging" function. This makes the installation and update of the application easier.

Windows 10 Defender Information

In the device overview, the Security Status tab shows the details of Windows 10 Defender. 

Service Bus Integration

The updated Service Bus interface allows for immediate updating of Empirum and Silverback information. 

Currently, the following information is transmitted:

  • Empirum Computer (Advanced Information)
  • Empirum Software Packages
  • Empirum assignment objects that are currently not assignable in the UUX
  • Empirum Agent Configurations
  • Operating system sources
  • Language Packs
  • Patch Groups
  • Imported operating systems (new)
  • Imported language packs (new)
  • Boot Images (new)
  • UEM Agent Status Information
  • Software Installation Status Updates
  • Silverback devices (basic information)
  • Silverback Tags (Basic Information)
  • Windows 10 Security Information
  • Windows 10 Defender Details (new)

Date/time information is transmitted with the respective time zone. Computer log information is transmitted with the correct computer time zone when using UEM Agent 1912.0 or later. For older Agent versions, the time zone is assumed to be CET.

The Service Bus Empirum component can use a proxy server in Empirum 20.0 Update 1 or higher (configuration in DBUtil).

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