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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Secure Unified Endpoint Management 2012

System Requirements

No changes since UUX for SUEM 2009. See system requirements document.

Separate Package for Enterprise Service Bus

  • Matrix42 provides now a separate UUX configuration package for the enterprise service bus components. This allows the usage of the service bus by other Matrix42 or third party components without requiing the installation of SUEM releated packages.
  • The configuration of the service bus is now located in the Administration / Integration / Enterprise Service Bus
  • All UUX packages for UEM, UUX for EDP and SUEM depent on the "Matrix42 Enterprise Service Bus" configuration package. The dependency is automatically enforced only on version 10.0.3 or newer of the Digital Workspace Platform (DWP). 


UI Changes

  • UEM and SUEM: The last change information is now added to the Assignments grid view.
  • SUEM: Windows 10 Defender detected threats are reported in "Insights / Windows 10 Security / Security Intelligence".
  • UEM and SUEM: Additional device information for Apple VPP in the device preview.
  • UEM and SUEM: Security information in device preview for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.
  • The last seen date in UEM and SUEM is now showing the most current date from the last scan date and last seen date
  • All Settings of the Enterprise Service Bus are now located in the Administration App (Integration / Enterprise Service Bus)


  • Near real time updates of information from EgoSecure to the UUX platform via Service Bus
  • Access Control for physical devices using Device Classes
  • Access Control for physical ports
  • Unblocking code generation for offline Access Control policy changes
  • Removable Device Encryption Policy
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