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Navigation and Dashboards II: Dashboards

General Information

The Home navigation is part of the UUX for UEM console and displays the most important charts of device management information.


Clicking on one of the displayed field or bar opens a chart with further information. The help for the Actions you will find here.

Available Dashboards 

Dashboard Description
Announcements Displays the Announcements which are visible for the logged in user. In example, this can be used to inform colleagues on maintenance work or rollout activities.
Quick Starts Links to important areas of the management console.
Devices Last Seen Displays the last time a device reported to the management system. This information depends on how this information was configured on the respective management system.
Installation Result

Shows the information based on the installation status provided by Empirum and Silverback via Service Bus. Details can be reviewed on the Deployments navigation item.

The following statuses are possible:

  • Installed
  • Not Installed
  • Installation in Progress
  • Error
  • Undefined

Reboot Pending, Requirement and similar messages of the UEM agent as well as the info text of the log information are transmitted additionally.

UEM Agent Version Shows the distribution of the UEM Agent versions. Only system which report the UEM Agent version are counted.
Top 5 Devices Here you will see the 5 most available models in the system.
Devices by Management System Here you can see which management system is used. Classic (Empirum), Modern (Silverback) or Co-managed (both).
Managed Devices by location This shows the location at which the device is managed.
Rollout Progress of active assignments (Last updated)

It shows rollout progress for up to 5 activated Assignments with the most recent change date (last modified).

Each assignment could have up to 3 different values:

  • Fully complete - shows percentage of devices which have installed all assigned objects (software) from current assignment
  • Partially complete  - shows percentage of devices which have installed one or more assigned objects (software) from current assignment
  • Not started - shows percentage of devices which have not started installing any assigned objects (software) from current assignment 
Assignment Status

It shows current rollout state for all activated Assignments.

It could have up to 4 segments:

  • Completed - shows the number of activated Assignments which have installed all assigned objects (software)
  • In Progress - shows the number of activated Assignments which have installed part of assigned objects (software)
  • Not started - shows the number of activated Assignments which have not started installing any of assigned objects (software)
  • Inactive - shows the number of inactive Assignments
Devices by OS Plattform Here you can see which operating systems are installed on how many devices.
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